Global Community Participation

First Stop. Tanzania.

We volunteer our time and resources to those who face the daily challenges of under resourced clinical areas in the global community.

There are many areas that desperately need help, however we realise we can only do this one breath at a time. Our first stop is Amana Hospital, Tanzania.  Every year a team of us travel to Amana Hospital to lend our skill, support and deliver the very generous donations that come from our local community and beyond.

Amana Hospital, Tanzania

Ward 5A (Labour Ward)
Amana Hospital is a regional referral hospital that caters for 80-100 women in labour and their babies per day. That’s 36,000 births per year.The Labour ward, Ward 5A, usually has an operating theatre running throughout the day performing life-saving emergency C-sections. It has 10 beds in total – two high dependency beds (for really sick mums or bubs) – and 8 labour beds.There are no sheets, no air-conditioning, usually no running water or power (due to irregular power shortages), very limited privacy and a shortage of vital medical supplies such as medicines, birth kits and gloves. But despite this strenuous circumstances the staff are highly skilled and extremely lovable.

What We Do

During our annual visits we are able to improve conditions for the mothers, babies and the hospital by:

  • Educating the midwives and initiating Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) champions
  • Providing the on-site support of an Obstetrician, Registered Midwife/Registered Nurse and Student Midwife
  • Install and repair medical equipment
  • Distribute donations

You can read more about our expeditions in our blog.