Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a training program that teaches the essential skills of caring for healthy babies and assisting babies that do not breathe on their own after birth. As a qualified teacher of this program, Jan educates those in under privileged areas, to help save lives, one breath at a time.

A Note from the Founder

This site has been developed out of my enthusiasm to share my experiences as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in Tanzania. The other reason for this site is education.

My trip to Tanzania with Chase (my daughter)  is the beginning of a new challenge and vision for better maternity care. I have tried to capture the rawness of the experience interwoven with the courage of the mothers, the tenacity and unfailing hard work of my fellow midwives in Tanzania and in some small way let you see glimpses of your generosity of beanies makes a difference. It touches lives, makes an impact, gives hope, and most of all connects through small heartfelt knitted little baby hats.

The education on this site is my passing of the torch to my fellow nursing colleagues, a way of presenting education in a fun and stimulating way. To try and give you back some of the support and  learning that so many have given me over the years.

So many of us as Nurses find little time when we are actually working on the wards & in our clinical areas to be able to explore and learn.

I have a passion for new learning and having worked with so many nurses in so many clinical settings, under so many health systems, Northern Territory, NSW, Queensland, NZ, PNG, & Tanzania, I find that some core competencies and key knowledge is universal but with some specific Policies  & procedures as they relate to that particular hospital.

Jhpiego: A History | Responding to the Changing Needs of Women and Families Worldwide

Since its founding in 1974, Jhpiego has been innovating to save the lives of women and families worldwide. From the first day, Jhpiego has been asking the question:

How can we make lifesaving services available and accessible to the people who need them—all over the world?

Dr. Theodore M. King, an early innovator and champion for women’s health, was the moving force behind the founding of Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University.

It goes without saying but I will point you towards the disclaimer. This site is for information – do your own research – immerse yourself in your own learning and you will find you are more energized in your role as a nurse.

Hopefully this site will express the vision, capture the journey and inspire others to join in.

Jan Becker, Midwife Vision Founder.