Tanzania – Only 1 Day to go!

Tanzania – I wanted to give an update again only one day to go!

I feel like Chase & I have lived a lifetime in 20 days.

There have been many hilarious moments – so many laughs and tears and a wonderfully fulfilling bucket list moments – followed by moments of sheer desperation, sadness and despair that we do so little – does it make a difference???

But then enter “Lucky” a baby involved in a full resuscitation, this baby was the 23rd to be delivered and it was only 1140 am! Mother had long labour – first baby – long second stage (the part where you push the baby out) and baby was born stunned and unhappy! We rescued this little tacker – his heart rate was 40 and falling – and with compressions and Positive pressure ventilation that little guy was a champion.

We had 29 deliveries by 1140 am (since 8 am) and we had no foetal or maternal deaths that day. Chase and I were almost on a high – it was such a great day.

This is lucky dressed in your blanket Angie and Wendy –
your hat Barbara (1 A) and he was happy!!! Hell of a first hour of life!

These little socks went all the way up his legs- he was full of life

How cute is this guy – he was born to a young frightened mum who was adorable and he was a wee cutie pie – only small but what a personality. These little socks went all the way up his legs- he was full of life
This little guy was is so skinny, pre term and this little guy was growing …..slwoly …..but they are nursed through what they call Kangaroo care-
An Australian care plan – these little babies are nursed close to their mothers they believe the warmth embrace and breath fed- its quite beautiful…

Little babies are nursed close to their mothers

New born babies sharing two to a cot

These babies getting IV Antibiotics and IV glucose

Chase counting out the heart rate

for a baby we had performed a full resuscitation.

Chase was the baby catching nurse – Chase set up the delivery kits draw up the oxytocins ( a drug that helps to stop bleeding) and all the equipment required – she then does the full assessment – Chase weighed them, did their observations Temperature Heart rate | weight and general well being – meanwhile 8 more babies per hour being born…..
It was funny I was doing a delivery and asking a midwife to see to the women next door ( a bed next to me – to check her) and I’m calling out “Chasey – baby “ which was code for another little tacker coming – she’d have to leave her little gaggle of babies on the baby bench & come across – as I was calling ‘I’d hear across the delivery room – Chasey come – we have baby ….it was a very proud and quite emotional moment for me …I was so proud of Chase- it’s been very Raw for an 18 years old…..

Today is July 3rd…..By 1140 is July 2nd they had 107 deliveries in July since midnight July 1st……
I have seen things here that I would wait a whole career to manage back home.

This is lucky’s mum – she was so wonderful – I gave her a big hug and she cried and said Assante sana – thank you very much ( in Tanzanian) over and over.
I wasn’t at his delivery – I was at another delivery on the bed over – but this little guy he had the cord tight around his neck – born very poorly – this was the baby who had a failing heart rate of 40 when I was involved in his resuscitation – in case you are wondering the midwife took over my delivery whilst I took over Lucky’s resuscitation ……

Angie and Wendy your wrap on this little guy

and two hats cos he was cold – plus the singlets Barbara & little socks …

Chase in postnatal ward giving out the knitted beanies and baby gear!

How cute does this little guy look!!

One ward we went to and couldn’t take any photos cos it was so busy and intense – was Post operative Caesarean section- we gave out about 200 singlets, hats, gloves and little suits – I am sorry for those who knitted those little outfits – at times it just so hard to get photos’ cos so much is happening …. They were so happy and so many gave big hugs…

This is labour ward – no power – no lights – no oxygen – no suction
power cuts are common place !!!

Another cutie pie
power cuts are common place !!!

Well I’ll leave it here – I have so many tales to tell – but I am tired and wanted to get these photos to you all.
Today Becker Helicopters bought $6,500 of hospital equipment at some out of the way shop in Dar es Salaam – delivered Monday – came to $10 million shillings – Delivery beds, foetal Doppler’s, stethoscope, ambu bags for resuscitation – suction catheters, Oxygen tubing, digital skin no touch; thermometers, 20 pairs of scissors – 20 pats of suturing forceps ( they give you better control when suturing), Automatics BP machines, IV poles, Cord clamps, kidney dishes, fetoscopes, etc.

Assaante Sana to Mark from Work then World who helped us buy all this equipment and Joseph who drove us around.

From Tanzania  Jan and Chase X

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