One Minute of Time…

that’s the difference between action and inaction …
the brief opportunity available for midwives to address
otherwise preventable infant and delivering mothers deaths

Rigorous research published in Pediatrics shows that
newborn mortality has been reduced by as much as 47 %
after implementation of Helping Babies Breathe!

10% of babies born have poor respiratory effort and fail to spontaneously breathe.  Simple actions at birth like clearing an airway, drying, rubbing and providing warmth can stimulate a baby’s breathing.

Use of a bag and mask can save many more babies if applied within the first minute. Delaying basic resuscitation methods in an apnoeic baby increases morbidity by 16% for every 30 second delay in initiating Face Mask Ventilation.

In order to combat birth asphyxia, stillbirth and very early neonatal deaths the Helping Babies Breathe ® program was introduced in 2009.

The Helping Babies Breathe® (HBB) program is an evidence-based education program providing neonatal resuscitation techniques and skills in resource-limited areas

A program developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Jan, as a qualified Master Trainer, has been conducting Helping Babies Breath courses for the nurses at Amana Hospital.

Graduates receive a certificate, and are rewarded with new scrubs announcing them as Helping Babies Breath Champions.