Knitting Updates

To all those wonderful knitters, sewers, crochet-wizards, and donators, here is an annual update for all things Beanies, Booties, Cocoons and Blankets!

Make beanies for average sized newborns (clasp your hands together and that’s about the right size of a newborns head) – we don’t get a lot of premature babies (but we do get them!) and we don’t supply beanies past newborns.

Beanies, Fish-and-chip shirts, cocoons and blankets: If you make booties – sew them to the outfits or they get lost or lose its pair. The Cocoons and Blankets are life savers for mothers who could not afford Kangas to wrap their babies in (a Kanga is an African Blanket that the mothers also wear or carry their babies in). Beanies are obviously the favorites and help babies survive from Hypothermia (and subsequent brain damage). The Mothers also think there are beautiful and colorful and it’s a way for them to show off their new baby dressed in a beautiful beanie! These buttoned jackets and jumpers are also reserved for babies that have died because they are more intricate and delicate.

White garments and beanies are for babies that have died: We reserve intricate beanies, buttoned jackets and jumpers for these babies to respect them and to make them easier to stand-out in photographs that the mothers get to take home with them.

Multi-colored, pom-poms, fluffy or frizzy-add ons and simple designs: Mammas Love colour, pom-poms, fluffy or frizzy add-ons and simple designs and these are always the first beanies to go!! We do appreciate the immense effort into very complex needle-work and if you’d like to do these complex designs then please do them in white because we dress these on the wee babies who have died.

Donations and Wool-Supply! If you’re a wizard-knitter, sewer, crochet-lady but need wool or supplies please contact us because we get money-donations to support our knitters to keep knitting! We can supply you with gift vouchers or the wool itself to purchase what you need

Second-hand Baby clothes: We do not accept second-hand baby clothes due to issues getting them past quarantine customs in Africa. Plus, there is a second-hand clothing tax!

Please label your donations:  When sending items to us please label your garments with how many garments, what garments, who made/donated them, when they were sent, and a contact number or email so that we can send you newsletter updates and pictures of the babies that received your donations. An example of a note you would leave in the package might say, “20 knitted beanies by Mrs. Jane Worth (88yr), from 1 Smith Rd, Roma 1234 Australia p email, sent 1/3/2018 25

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