Count down to the next visit to amana

2018/10/20 08:00:00

Countdown to the next visit to Amana Hospital

The Team (Jan and Chase ) are heading to Tanzania, October 20th. 

This will be the chance to see the results of the extensive clinic refurbishment carried out in July, and to have the official clinic opening.

Jan and Chase are busy packing up the donations for delivery to the hospital.

Keep those donations coming in, they make such a huge difference to the lives of the midwifes, mothers and babies.

2018/10/20 08:00:00

Midwife Vision

Saving lives one breath at a time…

to promote material and child health through education, global community participation and providing resources to nurses and midwives

Birth Kits

Mothers are required to bring their own birthing kits, which includes basic supplies like sterile gloves, scalpel, medicine (oxytocin), syringe, and suture kit.   Midwife vision supplies birth kits to mothers in need.

Beanies, blankets and more...

We have fantastic people that knit, crocket and sew beanies, blankets and more to give to the new born babies.  This helps support a new born babies survival, and gives the mothers and staff at the hospital a sense of belonging to a global community.

Medical supplies

Midwife vision provides supplies crucial medical supplies including sterile gloves, anti-bacterial gel, live saving drugs, pressure monitors, hospital beds, and so much more…


Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a training program that teaches the essential skills of caring for healthy babies and assisting babies that do not breathe on their own after birth. As a qualified teacher of this program, Jan educates those in under privileged areas, to help save lives, one breath at a time.


Midwife Vision sponsored visits by experienced volunteers who provide their time and expertise to save lives.  Many of our volunteers donate not only their time, but the cost of airfares and accommodation.  These volunteers provide an invaluable service, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

What do we do

5 ways we help…

Amana Hospital is a regional referral hospital that caters for 80-100 women in labour and their babies per day. That’s 36,000 births per year. The Labour ward, Ward 5A, usually has a operating theatre running throughout the day performing life-saving emergency C-sections. It has 10 beds in total – two high dependency beds (for really sick mums or bubs) – and 8 labour beds. There are no sheets, no air-conditioning, usually no running water or power (due to irregular power shortages), very limited privacy and a shortage of vital medical supplies such as medicines, birth kits and gloves. But despite this strenuous circumstances the staff are highly skilled and extremely lovable.

Donate now

A little bit goes a long way, and saves so many lives.

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