9 Days to Tanzania!

Dearest Colleagues | Staff | Family | and Chase Tanzania trip update – only 9 days to go before we leave.

Chase sits her final semester University exam the day we leave so she is focused right now on study. Equipment update: I am trying to get as much single use disposable medical equipment from GP’s | Doctors surgeries | Hospitals as Tanzania Amana Hospital can use as much equipment as possible.

Coolum 7 day Medical Practice have been the first to come to the fore with manual BP machines – something that is almost a dying art. The Coolum 7 days Surgery has them store away so they might as well make a difference somewhere in the world. I have my pinnards which is manual device used to listen to babies heart rates – I used to use in PNG 100 years ago – have dusted it off !! I have also ordered from Coolum 7 day two Doppler’s small manual Fetal Heart rate monitors for the Hospital to keep.

Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Maternity Unit Health | Ward 1 A (Uniting Health) have also donated some little baby clothes and we are trying to gather as much single use equipment as we can.

Becker Helicopters have also donated some medical equipment, some of which is for teaching and training over there. One is a baby model for teaching neonatal resuscitation– they have a training program in the hospital but don’t have enough baby models to teach. So Becker Helicopters are donating the little models that are sold at a very reduced price to countries that are part of the

United Nations Millennium goals. It’s great to see large companies getting behind the lack of resources. http://www.laerdalglobalhealth.com/ Chase & I have to take our own gloves if we want to wear gloves for any procedures and deliveries.

Thanks to Peregian Springs Medical Practise and Coolum 7 day medical practise we have been immunized for Rabies, Cholera, Typhoid, Hep A & B, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, etc etc We are partially packed with all the extra equipment we are taking for the hospital. Beanies update: My mum has sent off her knitted beanies from NZ, Aunty Glenny is still knitting (Go Aunty Glenny) and Granny going well with Kayla lagging behind (Chase sister)

Will have photos of these wee babies wearing these gifts of love. What a fabulous response ……it’s overwhelming | Thankyou ….

Chase & I have been hand washing and drying all, the booties and hats and singlet to make sure they are all fresh and clean. Just gorgeous detail in some of the little wee hats….. I cannot thank you all enough. How privileged to be part of something that is so infused with love for these little babies.

I take my hat off to you all cos I can’t knit to save myself. See below Perry’s mum has some great photos of all these women knitting away …..it brings tears to your eyes such generosity of time, energy, wool and love

Just sent the courier parcel and this morning took a photo of Judith Chapman ( on the right in the red- she was the one who organised the knitters) and Mary Busch.

They were the only ones who could turn up for the photo at the RSA. Only a few of the beanies on the table the rest still in the box. The 62 were knitted in 4 days and the man in the wheelchair from Oxford had done 22 of them!!!!!!! NZ Couriers take the consignment to Auckland today.

We have done all the Custom forms and sent with the box. Fedex Auckland receive the consignment and send it on to Backers. Don’t have consignment number but could get if required. Love Dad and Mum.

Keep sending the babies beanies, email me to pick up any equipment etc and I’ll be right along. Post beanies to

Attention: Capt. Jan Becker

PO BOX 9165

Pacific Paradise


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